HYPERTURN 95/110 - Multitasking at its best.

October 2010

Opening up a new dimension in highly productive, complete machining.

Two models have been added to the successful HYPERTURN series, the HYPERTURN 95 and 110, expanding our product range in complex, complete machining with high levels of productivity. The machine is a modular sytem giving our customers a choice of two bed lengths, two spindle sizes, with a milling spindle and a B-axis or with two turrets. A new state-of-the-art control and drive technology make for greater user-friendliness and increased productivity.
The HYPERTURN series was designed to achieve further increases in productivity in mass production. Thanks to its many different designs, the HYPERTURN 95/110 can manage any machining task, whether it be rod, shaft, flange or cubic parts.
This machine is especially of interest for the automotive and energy industry, as well as aviation,
Complex and time-consuming milling, drilling, and even gear-cutting operations can be carried out in a single work process. No reclamping or interim storage is required. The workpiece precision is vastly improved. HYPERTURN can also drastically reduce total process times, set up and labor costs, and space requirements.
The EMCO typical modular structure and comprehensive range of components, make it possible to adapt the HYPERTURN 95/110 to customer requirements. In addition, the  B axis-option (PowerMill) further increases production efficiency. In this version, the machine is equipped with a high-performance milling spindle with a hollow-shaft motor. It features standard a 40-piece tool storage magazine (80-piece available as an option) with Capto-C5 or HSK-A63 holders. This provides for a wide range of milling options which makes it especially suitable, for the complete machining of complex parts with a high milling content.
Expanding the HYPERTURN series with the optional new EMCO CPS Pilot can increase effectiveness even further during cutting. Customers can plan, program, simulate and optimize production runs on their PCs using a 3D model with this software. Multiple positive effects can be achieved through the perfect interaction between the HYPERTURN 95/110 and the new EMCO CPS Pilot – resulting in further cost and time savings.