New Maxxturn 65-1000

October 2014

Demanding turning and milling work on chuck parts up to Ø 600 mm and bar stock up to ø 95 mm

The new Maxxturn 65-1000 by Emco outperforms its proven predecessor, the Maxxturn 65, in all important disciplines. Including a larger work area with increased spindle clearance, more powerful counter-spindles with a larger bore, optional Super Big Bore spindles, and a direct drive BMT turret. Emco's Maxxturn 65-1000 offers the user a high-performance turning centre for cost-effective complete machining of chuck parts and bar stock.
Rugged, precise and economical
The spindle clearance is now 1050 mm instead of 840 mm. The main and counter-spindles are equipped with integrated water-cooled spindle motors. The performance figures are impressive: 29 kW output, 250 Nm torque and up to 5000 rpm. The same machining conditions thus now apply for backworking. Single step processing prevents wait times, minimises setup times and leads to significant increases in productivity and shorter lead times for parts. The Y axis ensures maximum stability, thanks to its integration into the machine layout and rugged, compact design. This is evidenced by broad guide spacing and the wedge carriage system. This results in highest precision of the manufactured parts.
The modular system provides the basis for excellent engineering quality with a favourable price-performance ratio. It supports reproducible accuracy for efficient production in Europe. As a factory standard, Emco equips the machine with 12x VDI tool turrets. The tools in the 12 stations are driven by a servo motor. Alternatively, the user can select a BMT turret. The liquid-cooled direct drive offers even better milling, drilling and tapping performance: 10 kW drive output, 30 Nm torque and up to 12 000 rpm. If the user wants to process bar diameters larger than 65 mm, the Big Bore spindle with 76 mm, or even Super Big Bore spindle with 95 mm diameter, are the perfect choice.

Fit for automated production
The Maxxturn 65-1000 gives the user a turning and machining centre that easily integrates with automated production systems. Automated loading and unloading is handled by a powerful gantry loader. It is controlled by the standard SINUMERIK 840D sl machine control unit. Two linear axes with high move speeds, and an additional B-axis in the swivel head, ensure short loading and fast setup times. Preformed blanks can be inserted into the chuck with the correct alignment. The gantry loader takes the finished workpieces off the machine and deposits them on an accumulating conveyor.
Emco has upgraded the Maxxturn 65-1000 to create a high-performance turning and milling machine for cost-effective production of precision parts. The range of manufactured workpieces extends from hydraulic, pneumatic, sliding and roller bearing components, through machine, engine and vehicle parts, to medicine, fastening or conveying equipment components.