E-Learning 2.0 für CNC-Technik

E-Learning 2.0 for CNC technology

October 2010

New: Virtual Learning Environment E[MCO] Campus

Online platform for CNC knowledge transfer:
With its new virtual learning environment, EMCO is offering an innovative tool for industrial training and education. The E[MCO] CAMPUS includes over 700 learning maps, videos, interactive achievement tests, explanatory texts, and images, and also allows tutors to create individual curricula and dedicated content using an authoring tool. Trainees work through four courses that focus on Basic Principles, Machining Technology, CNC, and Quality in a relaxed learning environment. All courses have been designed in accordance with professional educational principles and make use of the most appropriate media. Whether a newcomer, machine operator/setter, or machining technician, the course contents are designed to match the individual student's level of knowledge. Tests at regular intervals provide students with the necessary feedback on what they have learned at each stage.

The courses - Basic Principles, Machining Technology, Quality and CNC - can all be completed independently of each other. As long as they have the requisite basic understanding, students can start any of the courses at any time. For newcomers to the field, the "Basic Principles" course provides a particularly good starting point.
Gerhard Meisl, EMCO Senior Product Manager, and his coworker, Monika Mayr, a mechatronics trainee at EMCO, accompany both tutors and students on their journey through the campus. They explain how the E[MCO] Campus is structured, provide support, and give helpful advice.
In addition to the courses, the "Further Reading" section provides an overview of the supplementary literature available on the topic of machining.

Interactive learning, customizable for different target groups and ability levels: An authoring tool enables tutors to create customized courses with dedicated content and tailored tests. They can also communicate with their classes via the E[MCO] Campus.
All students also have an individual user account that provides up-to-date information on their progress through the course.