EMCO Concept MILL 250

Not just training: Real action! The new EMCO Concept MILL 250

June 2009

EMCO Industrial Training presents the new Concept MILL 250 with interchangeable control units: a new CNC vertical machining center with the latest servo drive technology. Stable and compact with a 20-tool magazine. Perfect for training at industrial level.

HALLEIN – To provide training on industry-standard machine tools is the clear objective of EMCO Industrial Training, and the new Concept MILL 250 is the perfect machine to achieve this object. Equipped to industry standard with 7 kW of drive power, a 20-tool magazine with a fast double gripper, lifetime-lubricated guides for all axes and an interchangeable EMCO WinNC control system, customers learn to safely operate the system and can make a seamless transition from the training room to the workplace.The unique interchangeable control conceptWith its globally unique interchangeable control concept, EMCO Industrial Training teaches trainees to use up to eight different industry-standard control units. This is a significant advantage, not just for future specialists, but also for employers. As well as opening up a wide range of professional opportunities and career prospects for CNC technicians, it creates a pool of expertly trained staff that companies can draw upon regardless of the machines and control systems used.The conversion to another control system is carried out within y minute by calling up the respective software and by simply replacing the control specific module.Ideal for training on the latest machining technologyThe Concept MILL 250 is typically aimed at industrial training establishments with production applications, manufacturing businesses with apprentices and trainees, factories, watchmakers and jewellery manufacturers, and both beginners and advanced trainees with more demanding requirements. It is ideal for machining steel and aluminum.Sophisticated technology for industrial machiningThe refined machine design ensures perfect training conditions for industrial machining: With a powerful direct-drive main spindle (10,000 rpm and 7 kW), a high feed rate coupled with immense power, a fixed 20-tool magazine, a fast two-arm changer, and the EMCO WinNC control unit, the Concept MILL 250 can be used not only for CNC milling training, but also, depending on the precise user requirements, as a fully-functioning production machine. For training at highest level.As well as programming with different control units, users are trained in future machining technology trends. These include selecting the right cutting parameters, such as depth, feed rate, and rotational speed, taking into account optimum chip formation and the surface to be achieved. The upshot is that EMCO Industrial Training has set another clear milestone towards a soundly-based industrial training regime in machining.